Midwater Comfy Cushions.  Replacement Fishing Seat Box Cushions - 10cm deep.

Midwater Comfy Cushions. Replacement Fishing Seat Box Cushions - 10cm deep.

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Midwater Luggage COMFY CUSHION

If you are a dedicated, avid Angler that spends hours watching a fishing float, these Midwater Comfy Cushions are for you!  If you just need a bit of comfort on your fishing trips these days, it will be a wise investment.

We have one of our Delux 10cm deep cushions for every size of the fishing seat box.   Wondering where you can get a replacement fishing seat box cushion, Struggling to find the right size cushion for an old seat box? Our market-leading products offer exceptional value for money.

Our fishing seat box cushions can be made to any length, width or depth size specification but listed here are the vast majority of cushion sizes.

Our Comfy Cushions are manufactured here in the North West of England using the best high-quality seating density foam you can buy.   The seating density foam is covered in a piece of robust water-proof nylon and then placed inside our unique envelope design of cushion cover.  This means you can actually replace the foam at a later date giving a longer-lasting product.

These British made cushions are the best quality products in the fishing industry and are 10cm deep of seating density foam (twice the thickness of the normal cushion) as standard (unlike many of the mass-produced overseas made and imported products which use cheaper filling materials).

We also manufacture the Midwater Luggage Standard Fishing Cushion, which like most is 5cm in thickness and is less expensive.  Search on the site for Seat Box Cushions - Standard 5cm depth

NON-SLIP BASES.  We also have some exceptional non-slip, hard wearing, industrial material which proves invaluable in certain situations.  If you need a non-slip cushion, please email us.